2002 - 2003


Front garden
Back garden

Lounge 1
Lounge 2

Porch / hallway
Family Bathroom

Bedroom 1 (max)
Bedroom 2 (jake)
Bedroom 3 (main)
Bedroom 4 (baby)

The kitchen was a priority room to be changed. As it was, it was a perfectly functional space minus a cooker.

After much deliberation, the kitchen was ordered from Magnet. We looked at other kitchens but none had the vivid blue doors that we so liked about our old house. Even though the kitchen cost twice (and should have been 4 times as much) what our old Ikea kitchen cost, I couldn't see any difference in quality in the cabinet construction. In fact, the Ikea wall cabinets were preferable due to their larger depth which allows larger plates to fit.

The kitchen installation was to be a race against time with Vicki being heavily pregnant at the time. Note the start of the kitchen destruction and bear in mind that Jake was born 10 days later.

All of the kitchen was working by the time Jake was born although a lot of the finishing touches like the splashbacks, lighting and flooring were yet to be completed.

When the wall tiles were stripped, the walls were in a pretty sorry state. A lot of the plaster was live with large chunks of it coming away as we continued. It was discussed about plastering before the splashbacks were installed but decided against it on cost and timing issues. Besides once the splashbacks were installed, the remaining plaster would not be going anywhere.

The splashbacks were custom made by a local metal factory. All of the spaces were measured by the factory and brushed stainless steel sheets complete with cutouts for switches and power outlets aswell as any folding work. The total cost for the cutting, measuring and delivery was about £500 - pretty reasonable considering the amount of work involved with the added benefit of covering up a multitude of sins.

The kitchen was all completed in March 2003 but I still had plans. Downlighting and double glazing were to be fitted. I also got a great deal on some black granite worktops from Finland as a direct replacement for the existing formica worktops (barely 5 months old).